You must be a member of Sea to Sky Alternative Healing Society to purchase from our website

Applying for membership is easy!

Just follow these steps and you’re on your way to getting high quality products from Sea to Sky.

Step One

Fill out the application form and code of conduct.

Step Two

Send us the forms with a copy of your photo ID, dispensary card, or doctor’s note.

Step Three

You’re done and ready to start ordering!

To become a member you need the following:
  • A note from your medical practitioner that gives you access to medical cannabis or an ATP (Authorization to Possess) issued by Health Canada under the MMAR or the MMPR.
  • A Canadian ID that show you are 19 or older (driver’s licence, identity card, passport, etc.) or a completed Caregiver Application.
  • A picture of your face to put on your Sea to Sky membership card
* Can’t see a doctor about your condition for some reason?

You can simply declare your condition and submit the necessary paperwork to become a member. Call us now to find out how!

Do you have an existing membership at another dispensary in Canada?

We will accept you for membership with no transfer fees. This includes mail order and in-store service!

Please gather copies of the above items and bring/send them to us to obtain your membership.


Mail: 6636 Fraser St., Vancouver, BC, Canada, V5X 3T5

Fax: 604-420-4442

Give us a call at 604-420-5559 if you have any questions

 Doctor on Site

Don’t know any cannabis friendly doctors?
Come see a doctor at one of our locations.
Call us at 604-420-5559 to book an appointment

Additional Forms

Prefer to speak to your own doctor about cannabis?
Take this handy form with you

Is your doctor’s form with a different dispensary?
Use this form to have it released